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Post updated: 3 October 2018

If you missed Brighton SEO last week (Friday 28 September), or if you were there and want a handy list of all the most useful presentations, then you've come to the right place.

Below we've put all the best Brighton SEO round-ups in one place, and we'll be updating this list as more and more are published.

So let's get stuck in...

Deepcrawl's Rachel Costello and Sam Marsden have gone to town rounding-up just about every talk, speech and presentation.

Part 1 features a lot of Javascript-based talks (which was a bit of a hot topic at the conference), as well as deep-dive into Google's Quality Raters' Guidelines and 'make great content' advice.

Part 2 is more geared around advice about SEO tools and software as well as on-site SEO advice, with Part 3 focusing on Rand Fishkin's keynote speech.

A very detailed run-through of everything that went down at BrightonSEO by Eoin O'Neill of Tug.

His round-up covers the most reported SEO tools at the conference, and a list of the best Amazon SEO tools as suggested by Prabhat Shah from DaytoDayeBay.

Birmingham-based agency Unimetrics have a handy round-up with their 'key takeaways', which includes Rand Fishkin's keynote (see below), the importance of high-quality content and a lot of insight into the whole conference experience.

Outreach agency Seeker's extensive round-up takes in technical SEO talks, new SEO tactics for the future, the importance of building a brand (another hot topic at BrightonSEO), featured snippets and the recent Google Medic update.

Peaky Digital have a quick but wide-ranging run-through of what they found most interesting at the conference, which includes community management, search engines turning into 'answer engines', local SEO and voice search and live video.

The staff at Hampshire digital agency Tillison round-up their key takeaways from BrightonSEO, which covers JavaScript and its impact on SEO, future SEO best practices, hiring advice for outreach and PR teams, link building tips and advice and some in-depth XML Sitemap advice.

Former Moz main man Rand Fishkin has posted up a full run-through of his keynote speech on the SparkToro blog.

The speech focuses on how Google is moving more and more towards answering searchers queries from the SERPs and taking traffic away from websites.

In Rand's words:

"My presentation centered on the shift in Google’s behavior over the last few years away from an engine that drives searchers to other websites for the answers to their problems and toward self-hosted answers and solutions. That’s made SEO much more difficult, as Google, for the first time in its history, is sending less outbound traffic."

He also provides some strategic and tactical tips on how to counter this.

Watch the full keynote speech below...



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