AdEspresso review

Last updated: March 2023

AdEspresso review
  • Advertising across Facebook and Instagram made easy
  • Now includes integration with Google Ads
  • Create, manage and analyse adverts across multiple platforms

What is AdEspresso?

Now part of Hootsuite's brand of tools, AdEspresso is a social advertising platform designed for brands and agencies to manage social ads on different platforms.

Previously AdEspresso was based on Facebook and Instagram ads, but has now added full Google Ads (formerly AdWords) integration.

What does AdEspresso do?

The main features of AdEspresso are split into the following five categories:

  • Create
  • Manage
  • Analyze
  • Collaborate
  • Learn

These all combine nicely to give you complete control of your online ads across Facebook, Instagram and Google.


AdEspresso's user-friendly interface allows you to create new adverts for Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.

As well as saving time by keeping everything in one interface, AdEspresso also boasts some great A/B split testing tools to use while building your campaigns.

Test everything from creative elements like headlines and images to audience segments like age range or interests - all within the AdEspresso dashboard.

If you want to create a lot of adverts across your campaigns, then you can utilise AdEspresso's Grid Composer - which is particularly useful for campaigns that involved a lot of different locations. You can use an unlimited number of custom fields - such as city name or store location - so you can quickly create ads in bulk.

One very useful feature is AdEspresso's Automatic Page Post Promotion for Facebook. With this tool, you can set your own parameters and when one of your Facebook posts reaches your set criteria e.g. attracts 15 likes or 5 comments - it will automatically 'boost' the post using the budget and audience targeting you set.


As with all similar social management tools, one of the big draws of AdEspresso is the time it saves you. Instead of having to bounce around different social accounts, you can manage your advertising campaigns from just one platform.

AdEspresso goes further with the management options, with Automatic Optimisation AdEspresso aims to optimise all of your ads 'while you sleep'. So instead of you having to log in to different accounts to review your ad campaigns and alter budgets, pause poor-performing ads and so on, AdEspresso will do that for you.

You are in control of the 'rules' that can trigger Automatic Optimisation - such as CPA and ROI targets - but it is recommended to keep a close eye on what AdEspresso is doing for you at first as you refine your optimisation rules.


AdEspresso also features a full set of tools to help you gain valuable and actionable insights from your ad campaigns.

With their clear and customisable reporting suite, you can review the performance of your campaigns quickly without trawling through multiple columns of data.

The reporting dashboard will also give you actionable tips on the data, giving you further insight into the performance of your ads.


AdEspresso's fully integrated Campaign Approval feature makes getting sign-off from your boss, team leader or client a lot easier.

After you have created your campaign you can request approval from anyone, even if they do not have an AdEspresso account. You can send them an email via the AdEspresso dashboard, or copy the link provided and send that to them over email or on your online messaging app of choice, and they can review and approve your work before you set it live.

One of the messy parts of managing social ads for clients is the 'onboarding' process of getting access to their Facebook and Instagram pages. With AdEspresso you can request access to all ad accounts, social pages and even CRM data directly from the platform - just send them an email requesting what you need access to and the AdEspresso system will guide them through the process of granting access.


On top of the great features to help with every aspect of managing successful social ad campaigns, AdEspresso also provides a wealth of resources to help you improve your social marketing skills.

AdEspresso make their marketing experts available to subscribers, so you can request a Campaign Review and within one working day you will have a 10-minute video review provided by an expert running through what you can do to improve your campaign.

You can also access Coaching Calls with seasoned Facebook ad account professionals, who will advise you over a live video call.

How much does AdEspresso cost?

There are three different pricing plans for AdEspresso: Starter, Plus and Enterprise - all of which include the 'essential features' that are listed below.

Starter - $49 per month

The entry-level Base plan allows for up to $1,000 of ad spend per month.

Plus - $99 per month

This is the most popular plan, which can manage an unlimited ad spend.

Enterprise - starting from $259 per month

This includes everything you get in the Plus package along with lots more learning and training, API access and more.

AdEspresso essential features

All AdEspresso plans include these essential features:

  • Platform introduction
  • Automatic Post Promotion
  • Unlimited Ads split testing
  • Powerful simple analytics
  • Pixel conversion tracking
  • Personalized suggestions
  • Excel export functionality
  • Import existing campaigns
  • Advanced options for experts
  • Google analytics integration
  • Best practice templates
  • Email notification system
  • Advertising across Facebook and Instagram made easy
  • Now includes integration with Google Ads
  • Create, manage and analyse adverts across multiple platforms

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