Amplifr review

  • Social media scheduling tool
  • Schedule content across all major social networks
  • Detailed analytics to help you review and refine your social media marketing strategy


What is Amplifr?

Amplifr is a lightweight, easy to use and effective social media scheduling tool. Using Amplifr you can schedule posts to all of your social channels, and use the built-in analytics tools to monitor and measure your social activity.

What does Amplifr do?

With Amplifr you can schedule posts across all the major social media channels, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn

You can schedule content for months in advance on your chosen social platforms, making Amplifr a great tool to build long-term, effective social media campaigns.

As well as scheduling your social content, Amplifr also has a powerful analytics package you can use to measure and review your social activity.

You can use this to see which of your posts have attracted the most engagement, and which content converts better - so you can adjust your schedule to help increase Return On Investment.

Amplifr has three levels of analytics:

  • Single post stats - see data for each of your posts e.g. engagement, conversions etc.
  • Daily stats - get a daily overview of all your posts and how they performed
  • Analytics dashboard - look at all of your data and plan future campaigns

For social media teams, Amplifr has several collaboration features to help organise your workflow.

You can group social accounts into an unlimited amount of projects, and you are allowed an unlimited amount of co-workers in each project for free.

You can invite an unlimited number of co-workers so you can work on each project together: planning content, scheduling posts and analysing the data. Team members can be organised into three different permission levels on each project:

  • Project owner - has full control
  • Publisher - can publish posts and see analytics data
  • Analyst - can only see analytics data

Learn more about Amplifr’s features here:

How much does Amplifr cost?

Amplifr costs just $5 per social account per month - and it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee if you find it's not the tool for you.

There's also a two-week free trial you can use to try it out, which you can sign-up for without giving any card details.

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