Bing adds new math-based interactive answers to search results

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Bing has been a bit busy recently.

After adding interactive solar system and periodic table tools to their search results, the search engine has today rolled out six maths-based interactive resources and answer boxes.

In honour of ‘Pi Day’ (14 March or ‘3/14’), Bing today announced a new multiplication table tool, separate geometry calculator and geometry shape tools, a function grapher, a polynomial equation solver, a number answer and a number converter tool.

Announcing the new set of tools, Bing said:

Today is the annual celebration of Pi Day. In honor of this day, and to help students of different ages learn and practice mathematics in an immersive way, the Bing Education team developed a number of interactive answers. These answers range from a basic multiplication tables to a more advanced polynomial-equation solver. It’s also another Bing milestone in our continuing effort to make fun, interactive tools to support students as they learn math and science.

The answer boxes on Bing work in much the same way as they do on Google, so a Bing search for [multiplication table] will bring up an interactive times table calculator to work on directly in the search results:

Bing times table

You can try all the new Bing tools using the dedicated links below:

Bing multiplication table:

Bing geometry calculator:

Bing geometry shape:

Bing function grapher:

Bing Polynomial Equation Solver:

Bing number answer:

Bing number converter:

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