Bing adds new ‘flight status’ snippet to search results

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 Flight status results one of several new 'experiences' added by Bing in the past month 

Everyone's second favourite search engine Bing continues to add new features, and this month has revealed a new 'flight status' snippet in the search results.

The new feature, or 'experience' as Bing puts it, allows searchers to quickly look-up the status of a flight. The interesting part is that they don't necessarily need to know many details about the flight.

For example, just search by city name or airport code and Bing will produce results from all of the major airlines.

Here's a screenshot if it in action supplied by Bing:

Bing flight status example

Obviously, if you do have more details such as the airline or flight number then Bing can zero in on the results that are more relevant.

For example:

BIng flight status example 2

The new flight status snippet is not the only new 'experience' Bing have added recently.

Just in time for awards season, they have also added some interesting 'Entertainment and Sports' snippets.

Not only do they track the results of your favourite events, they also add predictions in advance to keep searchers well informed.

For the 2018 Golden Globes, Bing was showing predictions before the ceremony and got 9 out of 14 correct. Here's how the predictions look:

Bing Golden Globes prediction results

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