BuzzStream review

Last updated: March 2023

BuzzStream review
  • Link building and online PR software
  • Research influencers and organise outreach campaigns
  • Campaign reports to help you refine and perfect outreach

What is BuzzStream?

BuzzStream is an online tool that acts like a relationship manager for your outreach targets.

It has become a very popular and effective tool for link building, as it helps speed up the outreach process while maximising your efforts.

What does BuzzStream do?

With BuzzStream you can find influencers in whatever niche you are targeting, and then organise the outreach campaigns.

BuzzStream's tools help you to fully personalise the outreach, keep track of when you emailed certain influencers and schedule follow-up emails to them.

It also features handy reporting tools so you can assess the effectiveness of each campaign.

The whole BuzzStream package is broken down into the four main stages of an outreach campaign: ResearchEmailManage and Report.


Finding the right influencers to target is one of the most time-consuming tasks in any link building campaign.

BuzzStream simplifies this process for you, helping you to find the right influencers quickly using their own search function, add contact details with one click and browse and refine prospect lists. You can even upload a list of URLs and BuzzStream will find all the contact details and website stats related to each website for you.


When you've got your prospect lists organised, you can send outreach emails directly through BuzzStream.

BuzzStream has a library of proven outreach email templates for you to choose from, or you can create your own templates to use across campaigns.

Prospect lists can be refined so you can send emails to segmented influencers e.g. those who have over a certain number of Twitter followers, websites that have a high Domain Rank etc.

Keep on top of the campaign by adding personalised notes and comments against each prospect, so you can manage your contact history with them without having to consult massive spreadsheets.

Emails can be sent straight away, or scheduled to be sent at a time/date of your choosing. You can also automate follow-up emails (e.g. send a second email if no response within 48 hours).


BuzzStream gives you an instant view of the status of your campaign, so you can see who has been contacted, who has replied, and what links you have achieved so far.

If you are working as a team, you can also see the activity of your team members and set alerts and tasks for them.


Understanding the effectiveness of your outreach campaign is the only way to improve your results.

BuzzStream features powerful reporting tools and metrics to help you get a clear view of how well your campaigns have performed, and provide insights to help you get even better results with your next campaign.

Learn which email templates work best, what messages tend to get the best response and which team members earn the most links - all from within the BuzzStream dashboard.

How much does BuzzStream cost?

There are four different pricing plans for BuzzStream: Starter, Group, Professional and Custom.


This is the entry-level package and is for one or two users. It costs $24/month per user, and allows you to manage 1,000 contacts.


The next step up is the Growth package, which costs $99/month for three users (additional users can be added for an $33/month). The Group plan allows you to manage 25,000 contacts.


The most popular BuzzStream plan, this costs $299 per month for six users and lets you manage 100,000 contacts.


The custom plan starts at $999 per month, and is for those with 15 or more users and over 300,000 contacts.

For more information on the different pricing structures and what the different packages offer, visit:

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  • Link building and online PR software
  • Research influencers and organise outreach campaigns
  • Campaign reports to help you refine and perfect outreach

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