CognitiveSEO review

Last updated: April 2023

CognitiveSEO review
  • SEO software and tools to help you improve rankings
  • Backlink analysis, Content audit and rank tracking
  • Thorough competitive analysis

What is CognitiveSEO?

CognitiveSEO is a feature-rich set of SEO tools that helps SEOs track, research, analyse and ultimately improve their campaigns.

The CognitiveSEO software began life back in 2010 as the vision of one man - Razvan Gavrilas - and has now grown substantially with a fully integrated team of software, graphic, marketing & support specialists, offering a platform used by a host of top digital agencies and SEO professionals around the world.

What does CognitiveSEO do?

In their own words, CognitiveSEO "will provide you with best in class digital marketing strategy analysis and insights for your business."

The software focuses mainly on backlink analysis, content auditing, rank tracking and overall competitor analysis.


CognitiveSEO aggregates the data from a variety of link databases to offer a complete link dataset. They then crawl and analyse the links to provide you with a comprehensive link profile audit.

This all adds up to powerful and unique data that can be used to uncover the digital marketing strategies of any site.


The Content Visibility feature provides an in-depth look at the social media activity in your niche to reveal the content strategies of your competitors.

CognitiveSEO crawls and extracts social shares for content from networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, helping you to find the best-performing content. It gives a detailed analysis of the content to help you replicate and improve upon your competitor's strategies.

Rank tracking

All good multi-purpose SEO tools and dashboards need rank tracking, and CognitiveSEO's SERP Checker Tool is one of the most in-depth keyword analysis tools around.

The tool provides accurate rankings for your tracked keywords based on country, language and city - giving you a detailed insight into how your campaign is performing.

How much does CognitiveSEO cost?

There are three different pricing packages for CognitiveSEO: Starter, Premium and Elite.

Starter - $129.99 per month

The entry-level package, allows you to run five campaigns and gives you limited access to all of CognitiveSEO's suite of tools.

Premium - $199 per month

Designed for small/medium-sized agencies and SMBs, the 'Premium' package allows you to manage 10 campaigns with higher limits across all the tools. You also get to whitelabel your reports and have full use of the CognitiveSEO API.

Elite - $499 per month

The most expensive package gives you the highest limits across all the tools e.g. run rank tracking reports for a total of 13,500 keywords.

Cognitive SEO
  • SEO software and tools to help you improve rankings
  • Backlink analysis, Content audit and rank tracking
  • Thorough competitive analysis

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