DeepCrawl review

  • Complete website crawling solution
  • Monitor site health and site architecture
  • Help recover from Google Panda and Penguin penalties


What is DeepCrawl?

Billed as the number one website crawling tool, DeepCrawl was built with the mission to improve the web by giving webmasters the data and tools to make their websites more accessible, relevant and effective.

DeepCrawl is a cloud-based crawler that runs on your browser, rather than other desktop crawlers that need to be installed onto your computer and using your memory and CPU.

What does DeepCrawl do?

In simple terms, DeepCrawl 'crawls' your website in much the same way a search engine crawler would do. It then provides a comprehensive overview of your website, helping you identify opportunities, areas for improvement and potential issues.

Monitor site health

DeepCrawl can be used to monitor the health of your site over time, as it makes it easy to view historical data so you can identify trends and issues and monitor your SEO progress.

You can schedule crawls to run hourly, daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, helping you stay on top of things like indexation issues and server response codes across your domain.

Website migration

Migrating a website is always a stressful time for an SEO, with the risk of massive ranking and traffic drops if anything is overlooked.

When migrating a website, you can use DeepCrawl's staging vs live comparison feature to visualise the differences between the two versions of your website. You can also run regular comparison crawls as you work on the new site and chart your progress as your bring it closer to the current version.

You can also use DeepCrawl to test your new XML Sitemap before you set it live, helping you to iron out any problems and make sure no important pages are missing.

Site architecture

We all know that site architecture is important to SEO, and with DeepCrawl you can easily visualise the click depths of your pages (i.e. how many clicks they are away from the homepage). This gives you a useful overview of how users and search bots see and interact with your site.

Google penalty recovery

If you've been hit by Google's Panda update  (or suspect that you have), then DeepCrawl really comes into it's own as a powerful and intuitive crawler.

For Panda problems, you can sync your Analytics data to examine the engagement rates of your content and identify thin content. DeepCrawl will also help you locate any duplicate titles, meta descriptions and content on your site, and also identify the 'canonical' version of the content so you can fix any stray canonical tags.

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How much does DeepCrawl cost?

There are three different pricing packages for DeepCrawl: Starter, Consultant and Corporate.

Starter - £55 per month

The Starter package allows you to track up to 100,000 URLs across five projects.

Consultant - £149 per month

The Consultant package allows you to track up to 500,000 URLs across ten projects.


For larger organisations looking for greater access to DeepCrawl's data, bespoke packages are available on request.

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