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Last updated: February 2023

  • Twitter analytics to help you better understand and grow your social graph
  • Find and connect with influencers in your niche
  • Compare your social graph to competitors

What is Followerwonk?

Followerwonk began like as a simple analytics tool for Twitter, but since it was taken over by Moz it has expanded its offering to provide a more comprehensive level of insights and data.

Using Followerwonk you can analyse any Twitter account to help you optimise your own marketing strategy - with increasing followers and engagement as the main aim, but also focusing on influencer outreach.

What does Followerwonk do?

There are five main aspects of Followerwonk which make it very useful as a Twitter analytics tool:

  • Search bios
  • Compare users
  • Analyze
  • Track followers
  • Sort followers

Search Twitter bios

If you want to find influencers in a specific niche, then a good place to start is Followerwonk's Search Twitter bios tool.

Just input a keyword and the tool will produce a list of all the Twitter users who have the search term in their bio, along with metrics such as the number of followers, number of Tweets, how old the account is and a 'Social Authority' score.

The list can be ordered by each of the metrics and can be exported to a CSV so you can dive into the data. Here's an example of what you get if you were to search for vegan influencers:
Followerwonk search Twitter bios screenshot

Just because a Twitter user has a certain phrase in the Twitter bio or profile, doesn't mean they are a viable 'influencer' - so Followerwonk does require a certain amount of manual work to sort through the list, but it's a quick and easy to use tool to get you started.

Compare Twitter users

Followerwonk also lets you compare your own 'social graph' to that of your competitors. Simply add your Twitter handle and that of your competitor(s) and it will produce a visual report comparing your followers, or the people you follow, as well as your Social Authority, no. of followers etc.

As well as giving you a good snapshot of your social graph compared with your competitors, this is also useful to help you identify Twitter users who follow your competitor but not you, and vice versa.
Followerwonk Compare Twitter Users screenshot


Using the Analyze tool, you can get an in-depth look at the people who follow a certain Twitter account - whether that's your own or your competitors.

The follower data is broken down into geographical area, what time of day their followers are active, the most active hours for the account in terms of engagement, word clouds of the words used in the bios of their followers, the Social Authority scores of the followers, their assumed gender, follower numbers, age of account and more.

Track Twitter followers

With this tool, you can get real-time graphs showing the change in follower numbers for a given Twitter account.

Followerwonk gives you accurate data on a day-by-day basis of how many Twitter followers an account has gained or lost, and breaks it down into averages.

Followerwonk Track Twitter Followers screenshot

Sort Twitter followers

Who is your most influential follower on Twitter? Who has followed you the longest? Which of your followers is the most active on Twitter?

Using the Sort Followers tool you can get a full, exportable list of all of your Twitter followers organised by metrics such as Social Authority, age of account, no. of followers and so on.

This can also be used to sort through your competitors' followers to identify potential outreach targets.

Followerwonk Sort Twitter Followers screenshot

How much does Followerwonk cost?

Followerwonk is free to use on a basic level - just connect your Twitter profile and you will get access to a lot of the features for your own profile.

However, if you want to access the full toolset to carry out effective competitor research you will need one of the paid subscription plans.

The most popular of these is the 'Target' plan which, for $29 per month, allows you to fully research up to three profiles.

The main restriction you get with Followerwonk is the size of the Twitter accounts you are able to analyse - due to the limits of their API. With the free Followerwonk plan you can only analyse profiles with up to 25,000 followers, and with the Target plan you can analyse accounts with up to 300,000 followers.

If you want to run analysis on bigger Twitter accounts, then the 'Multitask' plan ($79 per month) allows you to analyse accounts with up to 1 million followers.

  • Twitter analytics to help you better understand and grow your social graph
  • Find and connect with influencers in your niche
  • Compare your social graph to competitors

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