Google adds more real-time data and filtering options to Google Trends

Google Trends SEO results

Google has updated its Google Trends tool with even more real-time data, allowing users to filter popular keywords in News, Shopping, Images and YouTube verticals.

Google Trends has always been a great tool to research the popularity of certain organic keywords, and to measure them against others.

Now Google has added even more real-time data to Trends to offer data on searches conducted in Google News, Google Shopping, Google Images and on YouTube - helping users breakdown the search activity for a given topic or keyword.

Here's a quick demo of the new features using a keyword that is quite topical here in the UK at the minute: Meghan Markle.

Web search results on Google Trends for Meghan Markle

Apparently there's been a bit of a spike in interest in Meghan Markle over the past seven days, can't think why...

Previously this is all you could do with Google Trends, and it would provide some related topics and keywords below. But now we can click on the 'Web Search' menu above to uncover some more options, such as Image Search:

Image search on Google Trends

This gives us an indication on the related queries for Meghan Markle in Google's Image search, which seems to show people are very interested in getting a look at the engagement ring. This gives us more insight into searcher behaviour around a topic than before, and in this instance could lead to a great content or promotion idea for jewellery businesses.

Read Google's full announcement and try the new Google Trends for yourself.

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