Google changes image size requirements for AMP pages and wants bigger images

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 Google has updated their AMP requirements and wants larger images on AMP-enabled pages. 

If you are getting traffic from Google's AMP-based 'Top Stories' carousel, then you may want to think about updating the images on those pages.

Google has just updated its help articles and advice about AMP and changed the image size requirements.

Previously Google asked for the image size to be a minimum of 696px wide. The new size is a minimum of 1200px wide, almost double the width.

Google also changed the total pixels from 300k to 800k pixels.

The changes were made to their Article structured data help guide, which now stipulates:

The URL to an image that is representative of the article.

  • Additional image guidelines
  • Only a marked-up image that directly belongs to the article should be specified
  • Images should be at least 1200 pixels wide
  • Every page must contain at least one image (whether or not you include markup). Google will pick the best image to display in Search results based on the aspect ratio and resolution
  • Image URLs must be crawlable and indexable
  • Images must represent the marked up content
  • Images must be in .jpg, .png, or. gif format
  • For best results, provide multiple high-resolution images (minimum of 800,000 pixels when multiplying width and height) with the following aspect ratios: 16×9, 4×3, and 1×1

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