Google confirms another ‘broad core’ algorithm update was released on April 16th

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Update follows on from a similar 'broad core' algorithm update in March, and was again related to 'content relevance'.

Google has confirmed that they rolled out another broad core algorithm update last week, following on from a similar update they implemented in March.

After the usual rumour and speculation in the SEO industry that an algorithm update had taken place, Google took to Twitter to confirm the update took place on Monday 16th April.

When they first announced a 'broad core' algorithm update last month, Google explained that they routinely roll out such updates several times a year.

A lot of the speculation around this update has suggested it targets low quality pages, but Google has said that these updates have more to do with content relevance i.e. Google is adjusting the rankings to make sure searchers get the search results that best answer their search terms.

Therefore, if you have noticed a drop in rankings and traffic since these updates it is not necessarily being caused by a lack of quality content. It's more likely that your content needs to be made more relevant to the search terms.

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