Google confirms huge algorithm update rolling out from 12 March – dubbed ‘Florida 2.0’

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Google has confirmed it implemented a broad core update to its ranking algorithm this week, which has got the SEO industry in a bit of a spin.

After reports of a Google update in SEO forums and blogs earlier in the week, Google confirmed on Twitter that they had begun to roll out a 'broad core' update which began on 12 March 2019.

The update has been named in SEO circles as 'Florida 2.0' - as it was announced by Google at the same time as the popular SEO conference PubCon was taking place in Florida. The original 'Florida' update in 2003 was also released during PubCon Florida - hence the name.

How big of an update is Florida 2.0?

By all accounts, Florida 2.0 looks like a pretty big update. It's too early for the usual 'winners and losers' studies after a major update, but several of the SERP tracking tools are showing big fluctuations:

CognitiveSEO Signals:

Google update florida 2

The above was taken from Cognitive SEO's own 'Signals' tool, which shows huge levels of fluctuation in Google's results over the last two days.

SERPmetrics Flux:

serpmetrics flux florida 2

SERPmetrics' Flux tool is also showing a lot of fluctuation in ranking positions over the past few days.

Other tools like Mozcast and Algoroo are not showing any significant fluctuation yet, but as the update is rolling out over the next week it will be worth keeping an eye on them.

What is a 'broad core' update?

Unlike most updates, such as Panda or Penguin, a broad core update does not target specific quality signals or niches (like the recent Medic update). Instead, a broad core update is focused more broadly on how Google handles search queries in general.

As such, there is often not a lot of advice available on how you can recover - other than focus on making your website as good and useful as possible following Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

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