Google launches new Mobile Scorecard and Impact Calculator tools to show importance of mobile page speed

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 Two new tools released by Google at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona further illustrates the importance of web pages loading fast on mobile devices. 

Google has been encouraging webmasters and marketers to focus on improving the mobile experience for browsers for many years now, and upped the ante this week by launching two new online tools that demonstrate the importance of your web pages loading fast on mobile devices.

According to Google's data from 2016, 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes more than three seconds to load - so it is important to benchmark exactly where your site stands and know where the room for improvement is.

At the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona on Monday Google announced the release to two new tools that benchmark mobile performance: the Mobile Scorecard and Impact Calculator.

The Mobile Scorecard uses the Chrome User Experience Report data that is now used in Google's PageSpeed Insights Tool, and compares the speed of multiple sites on mobile devices. Google says the tools is able to report on thousands of sites from 12 countries.

Here's a sample scorecard of how the Mobile Scorecard works:

Mobile Scorecard report

Google recommends that a site should load and be usable within five seconds for mid-range mobile devices with 3G connections, and within three seconds for those on 4G connections.

The Impact Calculator tool aims to illustrate just how much revenue/conversions a site might be missing out on based on abandoned visits due to slow mobile loading times. This could be a useful tool for marketers looking to persuade stakeholders to invest more into improving the mobile page speed.

Here's how it works:

Google Impact Calculator mobile tool

The Impact Calculator is based on data from the April 2017 State of Online Retail Performance report which stated that for every second of delay in loading time a retail site can suffer a drop of up to 20% of conversions.

Use both tools here:

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