Google Search Console Performance Report now shows fresh data

google search console fresh data

Google has today announced it is updating the Search Console Performance Report to show data as recent as less than a day old.

Although Google's Search Console tool is popular amongst SEO's and webmasters, a common complaint has been the lack of real-time, usable data. It's all very good seeing what search queries are driving impressions and clicks to your website, but when the latest data is up to a week old it's not ideal.

Today Google has moved to fix that by offering up-to-date data in the Search Console Performance Report that is as recent as a day old.

As Google says:

"... this improved data freshness allows you to better monitor and track your site’s performance and addresses some important needs such as:

  • Seeing your weekend performance on Monday morning - no need to wait until Wednesday.
  • Checking on your site’s stats first thing in the morning after, or even during, important days such as holidays, global events, and shopping days.
  • Checking if your site's traffic rebounds soon after fixing an important technical issue."

Export performance data by date

Google has also added a feature to enable users to explore and export performance data over time.

To do this, click on 'Dates' in the table below the graph inside the Performance Report, select your desired time frame and then either explore the data in Search Console or export it out. This means you can review and explore performance trends and changes over time.

google search console performance dates table

The new updated Performance Report is currently rolling out, so you should see the fresh data appear in your Search Console account in the next few days.

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