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Last updated: March 2023

Link Assistant - SEO Powersuite homepage
  • Also known as 'SEO Powersuite'
  • Powerful set of free tools
  • Licenses available for added data

What is Link Assistant?

Link Assistant is also known as SEO Powersuite, and sells itself as the ultimate ‘All In One SEO Software’.

As such, it offers just about everything you need to plan, implement your SEO campaigns.

Although the entire tool is most commonly known as Link Assistant, that particular aspect is only part of the whole SEO Powersuite offering. Along with Link Assistant there’s Rank Tracker, Website Auditor and SEO Spyglass within SEO Powersuite.

In their words:

Link-Assistant.Com is a small and dedicated company that competes on software excellence and customer service.

The company embraces the changing role of SEO in today’s digital marketing world and believes that brands will keep relying on accurate SEO data to succeed online.

What does Link Assistant do?

Link Assistant is a true all-rounder, offering everything from effective keyword research and on-page optimisation/site architecture tools to link building and reporting tools.

As it is made up of four ‘separate’ tools, we’ve outlined what each does below:


Rank Tracker

rank tracker seo powersuite

Rank Tracker includes all the keyword research modules, which allows users to identify target keywords for their niche.

The main feature though is the rank tracking, which can be scheduled to run on specific days, or on an ad hoc basis.

It is one of the most accurate rank trackers out there at the minute, so even the free version is worth checking out.


WebSite Auditor

website auditor seo powersuite

This module deals with all of the on-site aspects, crawling your site and highlighting any issues.

WebSite Auditor can help with website structure and on-page optimisation, as well as producing XML Sitemaps.


SEO SpyGlass

seo spyglass seo powersuite

This is the part of SEO Powersuite that you’ll use for planning link building campaigns – particularly competitor backlink profile research.

You can quickly export the data out of SEO SpyGlass so you can work on it externally and use it for client reports.


Link Assistant

link assistant seo powersuite

The Link Assistant module is mostly used for managing your link building campaigns.

This covers all of your link management tasks, including outreach and relationship management.

Who needs Link Assistant?

As it is such a solid all-rounder, Link Assistant/SEO Powersuite will be a more than useful tool for anyone working on SEO – freelancers, in-housers and agency staff.

Each of the four modules that make up SEO Powersuite can be used independently of each other – so you don’t have to fork out for all of them just to get access to the bit you really need. This makes it a very flexible and powerful solution for all SEOs.

How much is Link Assistant?

All of the SEO Powersuite modules are available to download and use for free, with no credit card information required – so we would recommend doing that just to have a play with all of the tools and see what you think.

To get the full power of SEO Powersuite, you would need to buy one of two different licenses – the ‘Pro’ license or the ‘Enterprise’ license.

The Pro license costs £249 and the Enterprise license costs £429.

These give you unlimited access to all the data within the tools, and allows you to use all the features like saving campaigns, scheduling reports and so on.

The Pro license is aimed at webmasters/freelancers, while the Enterprise level is designed more for the bigger agencies – providing the option to white label reports amongst others.

Good points about Link Assistant

The fact that all of the modules that make up SEO Powersuite are available to use for free make it a very attractive option for SEO practitioners – you can literally go ahead and start using them right now.

Perhaps the most useful of the free tools is Rank Tracker, as this can be used to quickly check ranking positions of your keywords in just about any search engine in any country. For a free tool it works great – as long as you’re on hand to keep entering Captcha codes!

Bad points about Link Assistant

First of all, everything feels a little disjointed when using Link Assistant due to the nature of using different desktop apps.

Thankfully it all fits together a bit better when you have one of the licenses, so if you find yourself using any of the free versions a lot then you may well find yourself signing up for a license to help you work more efficiently.


Link Assistant – or SEO Powersuite – is a strong set of SEO tools with few real downsides. It handles almost everything required for professional SEO campaigns, so is a great multi-purpose tool.

All SEOs will find the free versions of each module useful, but it is probably more suited to agencies and in-house SEOs due to the price of the licenses.

Link Assistant SEO Powersuite
  • Also known as 'SEO Powersuite'
  • Powerful set of free tools
  • Licenses available for added data

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