Link building tools

Link building is key to any successful SEO campaign, so naturally there are a lot of different link building tools out there.

Researching your websites backlinks, and the backlink profiles of your competitors, is an important part of the SEO process - so you need a tool that not only reviews the most data but also displays it in an easy and efficient manner.

As well as backlink checkers and research tools, there are also tools to help you get links indexed by search engines and tools to aid with the outreach and link prospecting process.

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Link Research Tools

Link Research Tools

“This is a real Swiss army knife of a link building tool, and can carry out just about any link building task you need to do.”

SEO Powersuite

Link Assistant

“Also known as SEO Powersuite, this is a strong set of SEO tools with few real downsides. It handles almost everything required for professional SEO campaigns, so is a great multi-purpose tool.”

one hour indexing logo

One Hour Indexing

“One Hour Indexing is by far the best link indexing service currently available – and is a must for all SEOs who rely on automated and tiered link building tactics.”

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach

“All aspects of ‘post-Penguin’ link building techniques are covered with Ninja Outreach, as it helps you to find thousands of ‘natural’ link earning targets.”

Link Emperor

Link Emperor

“If you know what you are doing and are comfortable with the automated link building that Link Emperor offers, then it is well worth a trial.”

Linkbird logo


“Linkbird will help you organise and enhance your online PR, link building and content marketing campaigns, and it boasts quite a complete suite of tools to inform other areas of your online marketing plan..”

buzzstream logo


“Organise and co-ordinate your outreach efforts with Buzzstream, great for small and large online PR and link building projects.”

ahrefs tool logo


“A smart and intuitive link profile analysis tool. Compare up to five domains at once and get instant actionable metrics.”

Majestic logo


“Arguably the biggest and most extensive link building tool on the market.”

Grouphigh logo


“Find the best bloggers and influencers, manage your relationships, and measure the value of your content.”