Link Research Tools review

Last updated: April 2023

Link Research Tools
  • Extensive link building tool
  • Lots of different features
  • Competitive pricing

What is Link Research Tools?

The name gives it away really: Link Research Tools is an extensive set of tools that can be used to research links.

In their own words, Link Research Tools is ‘the only SEO tool you will need’, and when you look at the number of different features available you begin to see why.

In total there are 21 different tools within the Link Research Tools family, all of which can be used to aid your link building campaigns from start to finish.

What does Link Research Tools do?

Using all the tools that Link Research Tools has to offer, you can pretty much do everything a successful link building campaign needs.

The different features are grouped under the following subjects:

  • Link Risk Management & Site Audit
  • Competitive Research
  • Quick Analysis
  • Backlink Profiling
  • Link Monitoring
  • Link Prospecting
  • Advanced Link Prospecting

Link Risk Management & Site Audit

This suite of tools is all about link penalties, and helping you either recover from them or avoid them altogether.

Since Google’s Penguin update this aspect of link building has become critical for SEOs, and Link Research Tools helps you to ‘detox’ your link profile as well as reclaim any valuable lost ‘link juice’ while you’re at it.

Competitive Research

The starting point for many link building campaigns is to review what links your competitors have.

With Link Research Tools you can identify both the good and bad links other sites have, meaning you can quickly focus your attention on earning links that work.

Quick Analysis

This part of the toolset is handy as it can be used to provide a ‘snapshot’ of your, or a competitor's, link profile.

Instead of trawling through the data manually, Link Research Tools can quickly analyse link profiles and identify the best and worst inbound links.

It can also be used to quickly compare multiple domains/URLs.

Backlink Profiling

This gives you a more detailed and extensive view of a link profile.

Link Monitoring

Link Research Tools will constantly analyse your link profile and has an alerts system to notify you of any changes.

The Link Alerts can be used to tell you when you, or one of the competitors you are tracking, receive a new link – which can be very valuable information.

Link Prospecting

If you are involved in link building these days, then it’s fair to say you probably spend a lot of your time finding link targets.

The Link Prospecting element of Link Research Tools helps this process by finding viable link targets and also identifying their contact details.

Advanced Link Prospecting

This added extra to the Link Prospecting module gives you even more options when it comes to finding link targets.

With the Advanced module you can find the common links within your niche and discover sites that your competitors link to (so you can try and steal some of their link juice!).

How much does Link Research Tools cost?

There are four different account levels:

Small - $599

Standard - $999

Plus - $2,499

Enterprise - $TBD

All of the features of Link Research Tools are available at all account levels, but you get more access and data the higher your account level.

Who needs Link Research Tools?

It’s all about backlinks, so if you are involved in any part of the whole link building process then you should definitely give Link Research Tools a try.

Good points about Link Research Tools

The sheer level of functionality and the number of features you get is the biggest selling point for Link Research Tools.

It pulls in data from numerous other link tools, so you don’t need to have separate accounts with them. You can then use that data intuitively within the Link Research Tools dashboard – so you effectively have everything you need in one place.

The pricing is also competitive, especially considering the level of functionality the tool has.


Link Research Tools calls itself ‘the only SEO tool you will need’, and in terms of link building it could be right.

This is a real Swiss army knife of a link building tool, and can carry out just about any link building task you need to do.

It’s not the complete SEO tool it says it is, but for an all-in-one link building tool it is hard to beat.

Link Research Tools
  • Extensive link building tool
  • Lots of different features
  • Competitive pricing

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