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What is Linkbird?

In a nutshell, Linkbird is an online (browser-based) tool that is designed to help webmasters improve the organic visibility of their website via content marketing.

Although the Linkbird tool set is heavily geared towards content marketing, it also functions as a multi-purpose SEO tool with a variety of different tools for different SEO needs.

What does Linkbird do?

As it is predominantly a ‘content marketing’ tool, Linkbird has a lot of useful tools to help your content succeed. By that we mostly mean getting those all-important links to your content.

Free trial

Linkbird features include:

  • Backlink checker / Link manager
  • Rank tracker
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Outreach and content seeding platform
  • Brand monitoring
  • Marketing automation (CRM) and PR system

As you can see Linkbird is a tool that is heavy on the online PR front, and not so much on the technical SEO front.

In their own words, Linkbird “… frees you from having to use Excel spreadsheets and offers you everything you need for successful link building and content seeding. Plan campaigns easily, find potential websites and contact thembuild up your own contact network (CRM), improve staff performance, manage backlinksanalyse link profiles and monitor ranking successes in search engines.”

Who needs Linkbird?

If you’re finding yourself devoting more time and resources to content marketing and online brand building/management, then you should definitely give the Linkbird free trial a go.

Due to the CRM aspect of Linkbird, it is perhaps more suited to agencies and medium-to-large in-house teams – but if you are a freelancer or part of a smaller in-house team it is probably still worth trying out.

Free trial

There are a lot of dedicated outreach, link management and brand management tools out there – but not many that combine all the essential aspects like keyword research, outreach target research and rank tracking alongside a functional CRM system.

How much does Linkbird cost?

There are four different subscription levels for Linkbird: Basic, Pro, Expert and Enterprise:

Basic – €60

Pro – €129

Expert – €299

Enterprise – €499

The higher level subscription you opt for, the more freedom you get with the tool. For instance, the basic level only allows for one user and one project. The Pro package gives two users access to run five projects and so on.

Whatever Linkbird package you have though, you can buy additional access rather than be forced to take up one of the more expensive packages.

For example, adding a new user to the Pro account costs an extra €50.00 per month.

Good points about Linkbird

As a tool to help plan, implement and manage a content marketing campaign, Linkbird does its job. It boasts some handy tools that will likely enhance your campaign (in terms of researching content ideas and outreach targets) as well as offering management tools to save you valuable time.

Linkbird also has some good ‘all round SEO’ features like a rank tracker, as well as a built-in CRM to help you and your team keep tabs on each project.

Bad points about Linkbird

The price is probably the only down side to Linkbird. Although the entry-level Basic package is competitive at €60 per month, it comes with a lot of limitations on the software. It’s likely that if you are the kind of online marketer who needs a tool like Linkbird, then you will probably require more than what the Basic account offers.


Linkbird will help you organise and enhance your online PR, link building and content marketing campaigns, and it boasts quite a complete suite of tools to inform other areas of your online marketing plan.

Although all the tools within the Linkbird set are useful, there’s nothing groundbreaking here so you may find there’s similar tools out there that come at a cheaper price.

It’s well worth a free trial to find out though, as the specialist nature of Linkbird could tip the balance on your content marketing campaigns.

Free trial

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