Little Warden review

  • Monitor your site, and clients' sites, and receive notifications if anything changes
  • Little Warden looks out for over 30 changes e.g. SSL validity, title tag changes, 404 pages and other server response codes
  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee


What is Little Warden?

Little Warden is a lightweight tool that simply monitors your website or websites for any technical changes or errors that may have a negative effect on your rankings.

Whether you run a small website or are responsible for multiple domains, Little Warden is a very useful tool to help you keep on top of the status of your sites.

What does Little Warden do?

You can quickly configure Little Warden to check for more than 30 potential issues with your website. The well-designed browser-based interface means you need little to no technical knowledge or experience to set it up, just tick the boxes and Little Warden will notify you if anything goes wrong.

Watch the quick video below to see how easy it is to set up:

Little Warden checks for the following technical issues:

  • Domain name expiration
  • SSL Certificate expiration
  • Exact URL status
  • HTTP to HTTPS redirect check
  • www to non-www redirect check
  • 404 page response check
  • Geo redirect check
  • Nameserver change
  • MX record change
  • Title tag change
  • Meta description change
  • Google Analytics code change
  • Google Tag Manager code change
  • Robots.txt change and indexability
  • X-Robots indexability
  • Meta robots indexability
  • IP address change
  • Rel=canonical tag change
  • Sitemap validation

Automating these often time-consuming and, let's be honest, tedious checks with Little Warden means you get the peace of mind knowing everything is being monitored without having to actually do anything.

Little Warden will notify you if anything happens that needs your attention - which often means you can fix any errors before they have an effect on your SEO performance.

Learn more about all the features of Little Warden:

How much does Little Warden cost?

There are four different package levels for Little Warden: Freelancer, Small Team, Agency and Large Agency.

Freelancer - £19.99 per month

The entry-level package is designed for webmasters who only maintain one small site, and monitors 20 URLs and retains your data for two weeks.

Small Team - £29.99 per month

This package monitors 100 URLs and retains the data for one month. You also get API access with the Small Team package.

Agency - £49.99 per month

The most popular Little Warden package, this monitors 650 URLs and keeps the data for three months.

Large Agency - £119.99 per month

If you have a lot of websites that need tracking, then this package will monitor 5,000 URLs and keep the data for six months.

See the details of the different packages:

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