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What is Long Tail Pro?

It’s a keyword research and competitive analysis tool.

Long Tail Pro claims to help you find ‘hidden’ profit generating keywords complete with competitor and buyer intelligence for any niche – all in a matter of seconds.

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What does Long Tail Pro do?

Long Tail Pro calls itself ‘The World’s Most Complete Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis Software’, and as such it boasts a lot of keyword research features.

All you need to do to get started is input your ‘seed’ keyword, and Long Tail Pro will deliver up to 800 new keyword ideas for you.

As well as that, Long Tail Pro will analyse the top 10 ranking pages in Google for each of your keywords. This competitor SERP data includes: keyword usage in the Title and Meta tags, Domain & Page Authority, Moz Rank, PageRank, Amount of Backlinks and Domain Age.

This data also includes all the valuable PPC data from Google AdWords, so you can see exactly how much per click advertisers are willing to pay to bid on each keyword – a major factor when it comes to choosing potentially profitable keywords.

Other Long Tail Pro features include extensive filtering options to organise your list of keywords, an Exact Match Domain Checker to tell you if there’s an exact match domain available for each of the keywords, a Rank Checker and the ability to add custom notes to each keyword.

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Who needs Long Tail Pro?

All SEOs need a dedicated keyword research tool. They take a lot of manual ‘leg work’ out of finding good keywords to target, leaving you more time to focus on actually ranking your websites.

Long Tail Pro is a very good option when it comes to choosing a keyword research tool – it works fast and intuitively, and gives you a lot of control in choosing and organising your keyword data.

How much is Long Tail Pro?

There are two different account levels for Long Tail Pro: the standard version and the Platinum version.

The standard account level costs $97.

The Platinum account level costs $97 plus $23 per month – or a one-off payment of $397.

The difference between the two account levels is that with Platinum you get added features like the ability to upload big lists of keywords for analysis (up to 10,000 at once) and a host of bonus features.

Good points about Long Tail Pro

It’s quick, stable and reliable – which is pretty much everything you want from a dedicated SEO keyword research tool.

Long Tail Pro has a lot of useful features that will enhance your keyword research, helping you unearth those little gems that could make all the difference.

The one-off payment system is also a bonus – just pay £97 and the tool is yours forever. The only drawback is that you pay for a particular version of Long Tail Pro - so when a new version comes out with new features you would have to pay again if you want to upgrade.


Long Tail Pro is a comprehensive keyword research tool that does everything it sets out to do.

It will help you find and thoroughly analyse a lot of potential keywords, and enable you to find the best ones to focus your SEO efforts on.

As well as the very solid keyword research features, the added extras of Long Tail Pro – like the Rank Checker, the Exact Match Domain Checker and the ability to add your own notes and comments to each keyword – lifts it above a lot of the other keyword research tools on the market.

Free trial

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