Mailchimp announces expansion into “all-in-one marketing platform”

New Mailchimp marketing platform

After making its name as one of the most popular email marketing platforms, Mailchimp has announced it is expanding its service into an all-in-one marketing platform.

The new Mailchimp CRM platform offers a suite of integrated marketing tools to better organise, segment and understand your audience, along with new powerful analytics and insights to better measure and monitor your campaigns.

New features such as Social Posting, retargeting options for Facebook and Instagram ads, landing page creation and optimisation and more have been introduced to turn Mailchimp into a fully-featured all-in-one marketing tool.

Mailchimp's CEO and co-founder, Ben Chestnut, said in a blog post announcing the update:

Our customers have big aspirations, but are short on time and budgets. Our email marketing product has helped millions of businesses grow, but our customers have been asking for years for us to build something that would enable them to do all of their marketing in one place. Small business owners and entrepreneurs don’t have time to manage three, four, or five different platforms that each serve one specific purpose, and they don’t want their data all over the place: They need a tool powered by data and expertise that will help them know where to invest their marketing dollars.

As a long-standing and popular email marketing tool, Mailchimps new offering centres around audience management. Maintaining and updating email lists has always been a big part of Mailchimp, and now they offer even more tools to make the most out of your audience.

The new set of audience tools include a full-scaled Marketing CRM, audience dashboard, audience tags and segmentation options, address finder, personalisation capabilities and predicted demographics.

You can also now easily build sign-forms to use on your website to grow your audience, as well as create landing pages and social ad campaigns - all seamlessly integrated into your Mailchimp account. They have also created their own 'Lookalike' audience creator, helping you find new targets based on your current subscribers.

Learn more about the new Mailchimp marketing platform here.

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