Majestic launch an increased Fresh Index with more data

One of the most popular link analysis tools around has upped their game even more with a larger Fresh Index.

After announcing their largest ever Historic Index of links last month, Majestic have now released their new, improved and larger Fresh Index dataset.

They have increased the Fresh Index to include the last 120 days of crawl coverage rather than the previous 90 days. Including more days in the crawl means more data for your link analysis.

The below image from Majestic shows the scale of their new Fresh Index:

Majestic Fresh Index

Fresh Index v Historic Index

With the Majestic Historic Index being the largest publicly available link index, you may wonder why they put so much effort into the Fresh Index.

While the Historic Index is huge, it also takes a long time to process and update - with Majestic currently only able to update the full Historic Index once a month. That means the Fresh Index is essential for SEOs analysing recent links, as they won't show up in the Historic Index for a month. Now that the Fresh Index has been increased, Majestic can cover a larger proportion of the internet in one index - making it a much more convenient tool.


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Will the new Fresh Index impact site metrics in Majestic?

The longer crawl for the Fresh Index may have an effect on the number of referring domains and backlinks attributed to a site in Majestic, although these metrics tend to fluctuate anyway from index to index.

Overall there is not expected to be any significant change to the metrics you see when you use Majestic.

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