Majestic review

  • The largest link index database available
  • Deep link profile analysis for domains or URLs
  • Plans start at just £39.99


What is Majestic?

Formerly known as Majestic SEO, Majestic is the largest commercially available index of backlink data in the world.

It is most commonly known as a link building tool, but as the software has developed Majestic has also become useful for reputation management, website traffic development, competitor analysis and news monitoring

What does Majestic do?

Majestic is mostly used to analyse link profiles - of your site, clients' sites and competitor sites.

You can view link data for an entire domain, or a single URL using the Majestic Site Explorer.

Backlinks can be analysed using Majestic's own metrics - Trust Flow (measures the quality of links) and Citation Flow (measures the volume of links). Both scores are out of 100, and the higher the better.

The Backlink History Checker shows you the total number of links to a given domain the Majestic crawlers have identified in the past.

For keyword research, the Search Explorer tool allows you to input a keyword and find out how competitive it is to rank for - based on the link metrics of the URLs that already rank.

Majestic also has a free browser plugin for Chrome and Firefox so you can run Link Analyzer on whatever page you are on whilst browsing. Anyone can download the extension and have access to the basic Majestic link metrics, without needing an account.

For any web page displayed in the browser, the plugin shows:

  • The number of links to the web page
  • The number of links to the domain (and subdomain)
  • The number of domains that link to the web page
  • The number of domains that link to the domain (and subdomain) which hosts the web page
  • How strong the links are at all these levels (Citation Flow) as a score from 0-100
  • How trustworthy the links are at all these levels (Trust Flow) as a score from 0-100
  • A link profile chart, which is a graphical representation of the citation flow and trust flow of all these links
  • Timeline charts of how this page acquired links over time

How much does Majestic cost?

There are free pricing plans available for Majestic: LITE, PRO and API.

Majestic LITE

This is the starter plan and costs £39.99 per month, which gets you one million 'analysis units' and 5,000 rows of data on Site Explorer.

Majestic PRO

The most popular starter plan, this costs £79.99 per month, which gets you 20 million 'analysis units' and 15,000 rows of data on Site Explorer.

Majestic API

For specialist users, agencies and developers, this costs £319.99 per month for full access to the Majestic API.

For more information on the different pricing structures and what the different packages offer, visit:

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