New Chrome extension automatically scrapes ‘People also search for’ keywords from Google search results

suggested keywords for travel insurance

One of the first steps when undertaking keyword research is to check the 'People also search for' keywords Google provides in search results, to start getting an idea on other keyword variations on whatever topic you are researching.

For example, if you are working in the travel insurance space in the UK you will find suggestions like these at the bottom of the search results page:

people also search for keyword suggestions travel insurance

Google has also recently started to add suggested keywords when you click on a search result and then back to the search page. So for instance if you were to click on MoneySupermarket's travel insurance page in Google's results and then clicked back to the search results page Google will show you these:

While this is a valuable source of keyword ideas for SEOs, the process of clicking all of the search results one-by-one and then going back to the results page to reveal the keywords is a bit of a chore.

Thankfully someone has had the bright idea to create a Chrome plugin that automatically surfaces all of these keywords in a text window on Google's search results page.

The plugin has the catchy name: Extract People also search phrases in Google and can be found on the Chrome web store here:

Once you've installed it, the plugin works automatically and will show whenever you search for something in Google.

Here it is in action using our travel insurance example:

suggested keywords for travel insurance

As you can see. the plugin has grabbed all of the general suggested keywords and put them in a text box to the right of the search results so you can easily copy and paste them.

Then beneath each of the top 10 organic results is a list of the 'people also search for' keywords that you would see if you clicked through and then bounced back to the search results page.

The only thing missing is an 'export all keywords' function which would speed up the process of getting all of the keywords out of the search page and into a spreadsheet - but we're just being picky!


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