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Last updated: Oct 2023

  • Easy to use link indexing service
  • Get all your backlinks indexed quickly
  • Prices start at just $8.50 per month
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What is One Hour Indexing?

If a tree falls in the forest and no-one hears it, does it make a sound? It’s an age-old riddle that can also be adapted for link builders: if you build a link and Google doesn’t index it, does it help your SEO?

The answer is no. Building links that Google doesn’t see is going to have no effect whatsoever on your SEO efforts.

That’s where the One Hour Indexing service comes in. If you are building links on a mass scale, using automated tools like GSA Search Engine Ranker for instance, then you need to ensure these links are crawled by Google ASAP.

One Hour Indexing is a simple to use service that will make sure search engines crawl and index all of your backlinks.

What does One Hour Indexing do?

The actual methods used by One Hour Indexing to get your links indexed are not revealed.

To get a better idea of how it all works, watch their video:

When you’ve signed up to One Hour Indexing, all you need to do is submit your list of links and let them do the hard work to make sure Google indexes them.

How to use One Hour Indexing

As it is a very simple tool that offers one very specific service, One Hour Indexing is very easy to use.

All you need to do is upload the list of URLs you want to make sure are indexed and One Hour Indexing will do the rest.

You can even start for free by providing one URL you want to submit:

One Hour Indexing free trial

When you have a paid plan you also have the option to schedule the indexing activity so it appears more natural to Google.

If you have hundreds or thousands of links indexed at the same time it can lead to issues with Google, so with One Hour Indexing you have full control over how many links are indexed each day - that could be 10, 100, 1000 or whatever you choose.

Who needs One Hour Indexing?

Every SEO that is engaged in any kind of automated link building will find One Hour Indexing a very valuable and effective addition to their SEO arsenal.

You may be spending a lot of time configuring your automated link building campaigns, but a lot of this work will be to no avail as Google could take weeks/months to actually spider those links.

One Hour Indexing is a very simple tool that takes next to no time to set-up and run, and it could speed up your results massively.

How much does One Hour Indexing cost?

You’ve got four different account levels to choose from with One Hour Indexing – the difference between each one basically being the number of links it indexes for you each day:

  • Starter: $17/month – 1,000 links a day
  • Basic: $47/month – 10,000 links a day
  • Pro: $97/month – 30,000 links a day
  • Agency: $497/month – 200,000 links a day

There are also other benefits to getting a higher package, like added API integration and quicker link indexing.

One Hour Indexing coupon code

If you are interested in trying One Hour Indexing, then you can save 50% on your purchase for the first month of One Hour Indexing plans by using our exclusive discount link.

That means the first month for each plan will actually only cost:

Starter: $8.50/month
Basic: $23.50/month
Pro: $48.50/month

After clicking on our exclusive link, simply choose the plan that suits you and click the 'Sign Up Now' button.

One Hour Indexing plans

You then just have to add your details to Register with One Hour Indexing and complete the purchase.

The whole process takes less than a minute, after which you will ready to start submitting your links to get indexed.

To get started with the One Hour Indexing coupon, use our discounted link now.

Good points about One Hour Indexing

It’s very easy to use. If you are using automated software then you will already have access to a list of the links you are creating. All you then need to do is copy and paste that list into One Hour Indexing and let them do the rest.

It may not be the cheapest link indexing service out there, but it is by far the best – and for just $17 a month to index a 1,000 links a day, it’s not exactly expensive.


One Hour Indexing is by far the best link indexing service currently available – and is a must for all SEOs who rely on automated and tiered link building tactics.

It’s not the cheapest link indexing service available, but it is the best. It’s also very easy to use, so if you are in need of a service that will quickly and index all the links you are building without taking up too much of your time then One Hour Indexing is well worth a trial.

one hour indexing logo
  • Easy to use link indexing service
  • Get all your backlinks indexed quickly
  • Prices start at just $8.50 per month

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