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Latest SEO news and guides

Ahrefs search engine

Ahrefs are developing a new ‘profit sharing’ search engine to rival Google

By Luke Glassford | April 1, 2019

Popular SEO tool Ahrefs has announced that they want to take on Google directly by building their own search engine. Ahrefs founder and CEO Dmitry Gerasimenko revealed the news in a huge Twitter thread, in which he criticised Google and other major online companies for not doing enough to help content creators and to address […]

Google search

Google confirms huge algorithm update rolling out from 12 March – dubbed ‘Florida 2.0’

By Luke Glassford | March 14, 2019

Google has confirmed it implemented a broad core update to its ranking algorithm this week, which has got the SEO industry in a bit of a spin. After reports of a Google update in SEO forums and blogs earlier in the week, Google confirmed on Twitter that they had begun to roll out a ‘broad […]

Moz new Domain Authority

Moz to update Domain Authority metric

By Luke Glassford | March 5, 2019

The popular SEO toolset Moz has announced that they will update and upgrade their Domain Authority metric. Domain Authority is a score given by Moz for a given domain that takes into account how valuable and ‘authoritative’ it is, and how well it might rank on search engine results pages. The problem with this metric […]