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What is Searchmetrics?

Searchmetrics is a suite of tools to help marketers gain a competitive insight into the search market.

Their unique market analysis allows search marketers to identify new opportunities and drive campaigns with real workable data.

What does Searchmetrics do?

Searchmetrics has two main tools: Searchmetrics SEO Suite and Searchmetrics Content Experience.

Searchmetrics Suite

The Suite features a host of tools to help with content optimisation and mobile SEO, as well as providing access to Searchmetrics competitive research and analysis tools.

The Suite allows search marketers to take a data-driven approach to content marketing, and prove ROI as they go along.

Using Searchmetrics you can identify the content that competitors use to attract targeted traffic, and it shows you how to build market share with effective landing pages that attract visitors ready to convert.

As well as helping to provide ideas for content and how to best optimise it, Searchmetrics Suite also provides ROI and reporting dashboards, enabling you to analyze, measure, forecast and report on all your digital marketing campaigns, including search, content, PPC and social.

Searchmetrics Content Experience

Searchmetrics' Content Experience tool has four main functions: Discovery, Optimisation, Briefing and Measurement.


The Searchmetrics Content Experience Topic Explorer helps you formulate an effective content strategy by enabling you to:

  • Better understand user and searcher intent - create content based on whether the keywords have an informational or transactional intent
  • Build a graphical view of related content topics
  • Plan your content around when certain topics are more popular during the year


Searchmetrics' automatic competitor identification lets you know straight away if there are any gaps in your content, and recommends either new content to create or revisions you can make to your existing content.

The Content Editor provides real-time content scores as well as telling you the 'readability' level of your content. It also has a very useful Question Finder that tells you what questions people search for related to the topic, so you can base your content around these as you write.

How much does Searchmetrics cost?

Searchmetrics only give prices out on request, so they are tailored specifically to what you need. For the Searchmetrics Suite there are three different levels of access: Suite Business, Suite Enterprise and Suite Ultimate.

Suite Business is aimed at smaller businesses and beginners, and is therefore the cheapest option with the lowest level of access to all the tools and data Searchmetrics offers.

To request a price from Searchmetrics, or to request a free demo, visit their website now:

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