Organic search drives 53% of all site traffic, according to new study

website traffic pie chart

A new study by BrightEdge has found that organic search delivers an average of 53.3% of all traffic to websites, far more than any other channel. Despite the recent changes to Google’s search results page that seemed to give more prominence to paid ads, and the rise of “zero-click results”, a new study from SEO […]

Google to treat “nofollow” links as a ‘hint’, and announces new link attributes “sponsored” and “ugc”

Google search

In an overhaul of the “NoFollow” link attribute system, Google has announced it will now treat it as a ‘hint’ rather than an instruction to ignore the link. For as long as most people working in SEO can remember, adding rel=”nofollow” to an outbound link on your site was an instruction to Google to ignore […]

Google announces June 2019 Core Update – rolling out now


In an unusual move, Google has pre-announced a broad core update to its ranking algorithm which is rolling out this week. Previous ‘broad core’ updates have only been confirmed by Google after they were rolled out, such as in March and April this year. However, Google opted for a change with this new update – […]

Mailchimp announces expansion into “all-in-one marketing platform”

New Mailchimp marketing platform

After making its name as one of the most popular email marketing platforms, Mailchimp has announced it is expanding its service into an all-in-one marketing platform. The new Mailchimp CRM platform offers a suite of integrated marketing tools to better organise, segment and understand your audience, along with new powerful analytics and insights to better […]

The best structured data WordPress plugins – 2019


We all know that adding structured data to our websites using Schema mark-up is a good idea. It helps search engines better understand our content and can result in prominent ‘rich snippets’ appearing in search engine results pages. However, the process of implementing structured data across a website can be a confusing and complicated business. […]

Is Google about to start charging for Google My Business listings?

Google My Business listing

Surveys sent out by Google to some local businesses have raised concerns that the search giant is preparing to charge for Google My Business listing features. Google has been sending out surveys over the past week or so to local businesses, asking them how much they would be prepared to pay for Google My Business […]

The best sources of free data for content marketing and link building campaigns

free data sets

Producing content that presents data in unique and clever ways is almost guaranteed to earn you links. To get started though, you need to know where to find that data. If you’re unable to generate interesting and significant data in-house, then your other option is to go hunting for relevant data that is already in […]

Ahrefs are developing a new ‘profit sharing’ search engine to rival Google

Ahrefs search engine

Popular SEO tool Ahrefs has announced that they want to take on Google directly by building their own search engine. Ahrefs founder and CEO Dmitry Gerasimenko revealed the news in a huge Twitter thread, in which he criticised Google and other major online companies for not doing enough to help content creators and to address […]

Google confirms huge algorithm update rolling out from 12 March – dubbed ‘Florida 2.0’

Google search

Google has confirmed it implemented a broad core update to its ranking algorithm this week, which has got the SEO industry in a bit of a spin. After reports of a Google update in SEO forums and blogs earlier in the week, Google confirmed on Twitter that they had begun to roll out a ‘broad […]