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Last updated: October 2022

SEO Tools For Excel
  • Complete suite of functions for SEO analysis in Excel
  • Use ‘Connectors’ to pull data from a range of third party sources
  • Useful tool for on-page and off-page SEO analysis

What is SEO Tools for Excel?

SEOTools for Excel is a very useful tool that acts as an add-on to Microsoft Excel and features various functions that can help you carry out in-depth SEO analysis using data from other sources, without ever leaving Excel.

SEOTools for Excel is a great time-saver for SEOs - helping to automate the process of pulling in data from different places so you can review and analyse it in Excel.

What does SEO Tools for Excel do?

Download the add-on from the website: and install it into Excel, and SEOTools for Excel will allow you to pull in data from a wide range of third-party sources directly into Excel – meaning you don’t have to access your different accounts and export data in one by one.

The data sources you can use with SEO Tools for Excel include:

See here for a full list of all the data ‘Connectors’ SEO Tools for Excel has:

Once you have the data you want to analyse imported, you can use a wide array of functions to sort and analyse.

On-page SEO

In terms of on-page SEO, you can analyse the title tags of your pages, the meta descriptions, H1 tags, canonical tags, word count, keyword density and so on.

SEO Tools For Excel provides some quick and easy to use Excel functions for your on-page SEO analysis, such as:

  • HtmlTitle: Extracts the HTML title tag for every URL
  • HtmlMetaDescription: Returns the meta description for each URL in your sheet
  • HtmlH1: Provides the text in the first H1 element of each page
  • WordCount: Adds a column to your Excel sheet with the word count of every page listed

For off-page SEO, you can verify that the backlinks pulled in from whatever link tool you use are still active and analyse the link data all in one place – so you don’t have to keep jumping around different tools.

View all the functions you can use with SEO Tools for Excel here:

How much does SEO Tools for Excel cost?

SEO Tools for Excel is free to download, which allows you to use their sponsors Connectors - currently Majestic.

To use the tools' full Functions and Connectors you will need to purchase a full license, which is currently 99 EUR per year.

The licenses work on a 'per machine' basis, and there are discounts available if you wish to purchase multiple licenses e.g. for different computers or for your team members.

There is a 25% discount if you buy five licenses, and a 30% discount for 10 licenses.

Find out more about the SEOTools for Excel pricing packages here:

SEO tools for Excel logo
  • Complete suite of functions for SEO analysis in Excel
  • Use ‘Connectors’ to pull data from a range of third party sources
  • Useful tool for on-page and off-page SEO analysis

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