Sprout Social review

  • Social media management tool
  • Helps you “find, form and deepen real connections with the people who love your brand.”
  • Scale and optimise your social marketing campaigns


What is Sprout Social?

Sprout Social is a social media management and marketing platform that features a suite of social listening, analytics and management tools to help businesses and brands improve their social ROI.

What does Sprout Social do?

There are a lot of features within the Sprout Social platform, with the most popular being their solutions around:

  • Social Analytics
  • Social Engagement
  • Social Publishing
  • Social Listening

Social Analytics

The analytics side of Sprout Social ensures you are effectively measuring the performance of your brand across social channels, providing actionable insights to help drive the decision-making process within your business.

You can build your own custom social analytics reports in Sprout Social with engagement metrics for all the major social channels.

Facebook metrics report from Sprout Social
Source: SproutSocial.com

Social Engagement

Sprout Social helps you to simplify your social media engagement strategy, making it easy to find conversations about your chosen subject/brand etc.

The most useful engagement feature, though, is the ability to bring all of the messages and DM’s from all of your different social channels into one live feed.

This can help you organise your customer interaction, mark messages/conversations as complete, tag and filter the messages (e.g. between sales enquiries and customer support) and visualise the progress and statistics around your messages (identify spikes in customer enquiries following a marketing campaign, for example).

Sprout Social social message smart inbox screenshot
Source: SproutSocial.com

Social Publishing

Sprout Social’s publishing tools help you to plan, organise and schedule your content delivery across different social channels with minimum friction.

Using the built-in post ‘composer’ is Sprout Social, you can publish posts across each of your connected social accounts directly from the Sprout Social dashboard – so no need to bounce around your different accounts. From here you can easily schedule the post for later, and add user-based permissions so you can approve posts of certain team members before they are published.

Sprout Social compose post tool screenshot
Source: SproutSocial.com

Social Listening

With Sprout Social you can configure your own Twitter ‘listening’ dashboards, allowing you to collate a stream of data from Twitter users to analyse and understand brand/category trends.

Once you have set up your different listener dashboards, you have instant access to what users are saying about the subjects that matter to your business – whether that’s variations of your brand name or the niche you operate in.

Sprout Social listening dashboard screenshot
Source: SproutSocial.com
For more information about all of Sprout Social’s features, visit: https://sproutsocial.com/

How much does Sprout Social cost?

There are three different pricing packages for Sprout Social: Premium, Corporate and Enterprise.

Premium – $99 per user per month

The entry-level ‘Premium’ package lets you connect up to 10 social media accounts and the following features:

  • Complete Social Media Management
  • All-in-one Social Inbox
  • Monitor Profiles, Keywords & Locations
  • Tasking & Social CRM Toolset
  • Publish, Schedule, Draft & Queue Posts
  • Social Content Calendar
  • Group, Profile & Post-Level Reporting
  • iOS & Android Mobile Apps

Corporate – $149 per user per month

The Corporate package allows you to connect up to 15 social profiles and includes all the Premium features as well as:

  • Tag, Categorize & Report on Inbox Messages
  • Trends & Engagement Reports
  • Team & Productivity Reporting
  • Approval Workflow & Audience Targeting
  • Campaign Tagging & Reporting
  • Competitive Benchmark Reporting

Enterprise – $249 per user per month

The Enterprise package allows you to connect up to 20 social accounts and includes all the above features as well as:

  • Advanced Customer Care Tools & Reports
  • Advanced Keyword Report
  • Build Custom Chatbots with Automation Tools
  • Custom URL Tracking
  • Store Media in a Shared Asset Library
  • Report Builder & Scheduled Report Delivery
Learn more about the different Sprout Social packages and get a free trial here: https://sproutsocial.com/pricing/