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Last updated: March 2023

URL Profiler
  • Extract and analyse bulk data from your website
  • Carry out content audits, link analysis, social data and more
  • Custom configuration for the ultimate flexibility

What is URL Profiler?

URL Profiler is a powerful tool for SEOs which, in simple terms, extracts a mass of data from websites at both the domain and URL level.

A powerful analysis tool, URL Profiler can be used to carry out an array of SEO tasks such as content audits, backlink analysis and link prospecting, Google penalty audits and social media audits.

What does URL Profiler do?

As a fully customisable crawler, URL Profiler can do pretty much whatever you want it to do.

Want to pull data on the number of external links to each of your page? Want to see your most popular pages in terms of social shares? Want to find email addresses for outreach from a list of target domains? You can do all this and more with URL Profiler.

URL Profiler can pull in data from a host of top SEO tools and datasets, so you can do a lot of your analysis and reporting all within the same dashboard. Some of the more popular APIs you can use include:

Note: URL Profiler is not the most user friendly SEO tool, and is more suited to those who are comfortable with the technical side of SEO. However, they do a great job of providing support and publishing resources to help you get the most out of the tool.

Here's a quick breakdown of some of the things you can do with URL Profiler:

Content audits

Get an insight into the content on your domain, and export all the metrics to Excel. This can include everything from word counts and missing H1 tags to page download speed, mobile friendliness, duplicate and thin content and more.

Link prospecting

Finding and analysing link targets is an important part of building a great link profile, but it can be a massive drain on an SEOs time.

URL Profiler can help by pulling the domain stats for all your target sites (using the Semrush API as well as Alexa data), and also identifying email addresses for your outreach campaigns.

Google penalty audits

URL Profiler was actually built as a way to speed up the process of manually reviewing suspect links after a Google Penguin penalty - so is a great tool to use to audit your backlink profile.

URL Profiler can help you quickly classify thousands of links to find unnatural, suspect or low-trust links.

How much does URL Profiler cost?

How much does URL Profiler cost?

There are three different packages available for URL Profiler: Solo, Pro and Agency - all of which are billed annually.

Solo - £12.95 + VAT per month

The 'entry-level' package can only be used on one device and allows you 5,000 URLs per import.

Pro - £19.95 + VAT per month

The Pro package gives you an import limit of 1,000,000 URLs and can be used on two devices.

Agency - £49.95 + VAT per month

The most expensive package designed for large teams, the Agency package can be used across 20 devices.

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  • Extract and analyse bulk data from your website
  • Carry out content audits, link analysis, social data and more
  • Custom configuration for the ultimate flexibility

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