WordPress use increases to 30% of all websites

 Popular content management system WordPress now powers nearly a third of websites - and over 60% of all CMS-based websites. 

New data released by web technology survey company W3Techs shows the WordPress now powers 30% of the world wide web.

The data shows that the use of WordPress has increased by 5% in two and half years, after it reached 25% in November 2015.

These figures relate to all websites, also including the ones that don't use a content management system (CMS). Looking purely at CMS market share, WordPress is now at 60.2% of all CMS-driven websites - up from 58.7% in November 2015.

In comparison, the second most popular CMS is Joomla with 3.1% of all websites (up from 2.8%), followed by Drupal at 2.2%, Magento at 1.2% and Shopify at 1.0%.

cms usage stats
CMS usage stats - W3Techs.com

For the purposes of the study, "WordPress" refers to both the hosted WordPress.com platform and the non-hosted open source blogging CMS you can download.

W3Techs scan the top 10 million websites (as per the Alexa ratings) and take a three month average to produce the above stats.

It all makes for happy reading for the growing community of developers who build themes and plugins for WordPress, as well as the hosting companies who offer specialist WordPress hosting packages.

WordPress has come a long way since it was first released in 2003, and forked into two versions: the free self-hosted version and the WordPress.com blogging platform.


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